About Me

In terms of my professional interactions, I believe most people would comment on how articulate and how insightful I am as well as my “presence”, which has nothing to do with how I’m dressed, or if I’ve done my hair, etc. It’s a natural quality I’ve always had.  Very little intimidates me, including and especially “titles” and the accomplishments of others.  I view people who have experienced financial success in doing what they love as fortunate in life that they’ve created that for themselves.

I was once described as having such a “dry sense of humor that some people confuse it with no sense of humor at all”.  Yep, that’s about right. I have a great sense of humor; and since I look at life differently than most people, I may smile or laugh at something others may not consider funny; and vice versa.  I don’t find mocking other people and their life situations as “funny”, as so many seem to do in today’s environment.  I haven’t always been that way; yet the more I no longer am looking for external validation of others nor need to build myself up by putting others down, I’ve happily reached this place.

I spent a lot of my life judging myself and as a result, others. Today, I actively work on living with no judgments.  This is easy to do related to myself as well as to others. I kind of look at it as, “What do I gain or what do others gain by my judging them”.  I’m sure much of this change in perspective is directly due to the training I’ve had in NVC.

I have such a breadth of education and training combined with my life life experiences, that I could literally work in multiple capacities with people. I also generally make what I do look easy; because I listen to my own guidance and I do what I enjoy and what comes naturally to me.

Ideas flow out of me. Robert Fritz, author of “The Path of Least Resistance” once told me that I am “creativity on steroids”.  For decades, I’ve often joked to people that if they want business “advice”, take me out to lunch and start to talk about your business; I can’t help myself.  What used to be so surprising to me about anyone telling me that I am creative is I didn’t see it nor believe it, especially since I spent so long working at a top ten advertising agency and I can neither draw nor do I easily write ads.

My creativity comes out in how I connect dots most others won’t see or even think to connect.  I follow my intuition, and create from what I visualize or help others to visualize; then, I look at what the “limitations” might be and explore alternatives.

For decades, I’ve primarily worked from home to accommodate the auto-immune disease I live with as it provides me the greatest flexibility to work when I’m at my most inspired (and my body and mind are cooperating).  I completely enjoy that I no longer “dress up” to work.  In fact, if we’re working long-distance via Skype, don’t be surprised if I’m in a t-shirt, no make-up, and hair pulled back into a ponytail.  Plus, I may interact with my dogs during our conversation, as needed.

I’ve been a lifelong animal advocate although I do eat meat at this time in my life; something I am working towards not doing any longer as there are many health and environmental reasons to not eating meat.  I love animals, and more often than not, you can find me interacting with animals, at many different levels.

I have a capacity to absorb huge amounts of information from many sources such as life experiences, TV, magazines, books, other people, etc. and store it in ways which result in my skill of connecting dots in oft-unconventional ways.