I always prefer a functional, skill set-based resume versus the more linear time-based resume. Not only does this better portray what someone’s actual experience has been, the person’s ability to put their experience into this type of format also demonstrates that this person is well aware of what and where they can contribute.

Here’s a short highlight with links:

  • Employment and Non-Profit History
  • Skill set

    ~ ~ ~

    Strategic Development

    • Developed a strategic analysis for Interland (now known as web.com) at the request of their Founder/President
    • Worked with Client and Agency to define strategic implications of direct marketing (new at the time) for corporation and by brand
    • Developed various copy strategies
    • Re-evaluated positioning of McDLT
    • Worked with multiple entrepreneurial clients in developing their strategic positioning
    • Lead the development of the strategic positioning for a non-profit sanctuary for disabled animals; including nationwide awareness-building related to the able-ness of disabled animals

    Program Development

    • Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita:
      • Developed a program to assist many groups and individuals in an efficient and effective manner, includes many of the larger animal welfare groups as well as local, regional animal welfare organizations, up to national governmental agencies such as the USDA
      • Created a transporation program for Best Friends Animal Society to safely, efficiently, and effectively transport approximlately 2,200 animals over 9 weeks in January through early March 2006
      • Assisted the state of Louisiana through LSART (Louisiana State Animal Response Team) to expand the LSART disaster response program including strategy, member development, logistics
    • Developed the primary elements related to the field services of the PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief Waggin’ $500k program; assisted in development of all aspects including internal logistics; created screening process for both volunteers and Team Leaders

    Training and Training Development

    • Developed and conducted training for volunteers for PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief Waggin’, a disaster response program; 120 volunteers participated over a 3-year period; training program significantly revised each year
    • Developed and conducted Team Leader training program for the PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief Waggin’ program

    Resource Procurement and Fund-Raising

    • Known within the animal welfare non-profit field as a key “go to” person to identify funding and/or resources
    • Beginning to be known for that in other non-profit fields as well


    • Strong consumer research background, especially in copy communication evaluation
    • Drafted primary research on consumer attitudes
    • Directed, conducted, and analyzed with Group Research Director a ground-breaking (in1983) three-month regression study of McDonald’s sales and attribute ratings resulting in McDonald’s re-evaluating how they positioned themselves against new national competitors and resulting in additional dollar support put behind image advertising
    • Analyzed and interpreted primary and secondary research for insights into consumer attitudes thus leading to strategic positioning
    • Designed and executed up to twenty-one cell direct marketing tests with variables ranging from envelope size, offer, stamp options, letter size, copy variations
    • Conducted secondary periodical/web research on many topics, on an on-going basis

    Project and Advertising Management

    • Managed creative, media, research, and promotion departments to achieve brand and product objectives
    • Experienced in print, broadcast, outdoor, and radio advertising as well as website and print development
    • Architected the web content for 100+ page websites as well as for programming interfaces
    • Redesigned and repopulated content on a 200+ page dot-com website with programming in 2 weeks

    Web Development

    • Ran a custom web development company with an international client base, including various dot-com companies
    • Developed the information architecture for most clients inc. a $250k site as well as 120+ page medical site
    • Currently creating WordPress-based sites for smaller clients

    Event Marketing

    • Responsible for directing and executing all Marlboro (the no. 1 brand in the world at the time) promotions, inc. Marlboro Country Music, resort programs, Marlboro Cup, auto racing program
    • Developed Agency P.O.V. on Marlboro’s potential in the music sponsorship area
    • Developed various in-house theme-focused client events for top ten advertising agency
    • Developed and managed local events from visit of First Lady Hillary Clinton to closing of NAS Cecil Field

    New Product/New Company Marketing

    • Launched national brand; developed, directed, and executed $80M ad and promotion plan in 4 months
    • Assisted numerous start-ups in establishing their brands and positioning


    • Worked with Client and Agency to develop targeted promotion programs, inc. coupons and sweepstakes

    Financial Oversight

    • Solid experience with managing and overseeing $300 million P&L statement
    • At Leo Burnett, regularly conducted cost-per-thousand analysis
    • Familiar with reviewing and assessing business-related financial documents
    • Developed three budget scenarios for Healing HEART Sanctuary, including two $200+ scenarios

    Legal and Insurance

    • Intimately familiar with varied corporate and advertising related legal issues
    • Skilled in paralegal responsibilities: legal research, drafting detailed and intricate legal pleadings, interpreting relevant law
    • Conversant understanding of complex insurance issues related to liability, etc.

    International Marketing

    • Evaluated size and potential to Agency of various McDonald’s International markets and recommended a short list of specific markets to target for future business
    • Created general resource book of available world-wide advertising and corresponding costs and residuals, defining strategy and target market
    • Opened new market in Dominican Republic for U.S. based web development company

    Public Relations

    • Written numerous press releases
    • Worked with media, key spokesman for a number of businesses and/or programs

    Direct Marketing

    • Forefront of multinational agency effort; from ground-up, developed structure and system for Philip Morris; exceeded Agency year-long commission goal of $500K in first six months
    • Directed effort of building and cleaning 25M+ gross database; in 1980s, a sizable starting point
    • Department at agency grew toemploy approximately 50 people, directly as a result of early work

    Retail Management

    • As Intern and Trainee, drafted 1982 Spring Merchandise Plan for regional department chain, daily sales projections; department merchandising

    ~ ~ ~

    Employment and Non-Profit History

    Practical Connections and Dragonfly Unleashed

    • Self-employed in strategic consulting and coaching: June 2014 to present

    Spiritual Alchemy, LLC

    • Administrative Assistant with some strategic input: April 2014 to August 2015

    Healing HEART Sanctuary

    • Board Member: February 2007 to present (volunteer position)
    • Field Manager, PetSmart Charities program: June 2006 to May 2012

    Various non-profit contributions related to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: September 2005 to October 2007

    • Self-driven and then for various organizations but primarily with LSART (Louisiana State Animal Response Team; see separate document outlining contributions during this time)

    Wolf Imaging

    • Director of Business Development: September 1999 to September 2005

    Various entrepreneurial ventures; Jacksonville, FL

    • Worked with a range of businesses in a consulting capacity: Spring 1995 to September 199

    Various temp jobs in both Florida and California

    • Various receptionist, clerical and data entry jobs; California, 1995
    • Scotty’s Hardware (cashier); Key West and Jacksonville; 1995

    Law Offices of Leighton G. Morse, Esq.; Key West, FL

    • Legal Assistant: February 1994 to October 1994

    Leo Burnett Co., Inc.; Chicago, IL

    • Account Executive: September 1985 to May 1990
    • Assistant Account Executive: July 1984 to September 1985
    • Account Trainee, Research Department: September 1982 to July 1984

     Liberty House-Amfac Corporation; Oakland, CA

    • Intern: Assistant Buyer, Assistant Department Manager: September 1981 to January 1982

    Commart Communications; Sunnyvale, CA

    • Assistant Media Buyer/Assistant Production Manager: May 1981 to September 198 (Internship position)

    Rocky Cycle Co., Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA

    • Secretary, New Accounts, Catalog Manager: June 1979 to September 1981

    Marnee Jones Modeling: San Jose, CA

    • Various lunch time and local runway modeling

    As a teenager, I worked for my mom’s real estate office doing paperwork, cleaned houses for family friends, as well as babysat, dog sat, and housesat.  Plus, at certain times of the year, I’d cut apricots at the well-known orchards of my best friend’s grandparents.