Formal Education

I’ve been fortunate in the formal education I’ve received, with 18+ years of Catholic education; and all of my higher learning via the Jesuits. While I no longer share this specific religious belief system, I am extremely grateful for my Jesuit education (thanks mom and dad) as it’s contributed to the person I am:  I think, I question, I explore, I’ve stretch beyond just “schooling”.

I always found it interesting that historically the Jesuits were the academicians as well as the assassins of the Catholic church; read whatever meaning you’d like into this. I probably relate a bit to the latter, in terms of being a natural “change agent”. This usually involves things around me “falling apart to come together”, as the saying goes. The essence of a life lesson I learned from my Jesuit education is wonderfully expressed in this quote:

“Seek grace in the smallest things, and you will find also grace to accomplish, to believe in, and to hope for the greatest things.” Blessed Peter Faber

Gonzaga University: March 2010 to present

Graduate-level Certificate in Servant Leadership: December 2010
Working towards Masters of Art in Organizational Leadership

University of North Florida; Jacksonville, FL: September 2009 to present

Working towards Graduate Certificate in Transformation of Conflict

University of Santa Clara; Santa Clara, CA: 1978-1982

Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Marketing
Retail Management Certificate

Archbishop Mitty High School: San Jose, CA; 1974-1978

Graduated with 3.84 GPA

Sacred Heart School; Saratoga, CA:1966-1974