Projects & Ideas

There is no need to wait for governments or legislation or “someone else” to make substantial changes in how we conduct ourselves individually or in our institutions such as businesses and education. In fact, NOW is the time for those who share a similar vision to step into their roles, and contribute to raising the consciousness of our country and our planet.  It is only through this that we may hope to change the current trajectory.

I’m all about identifying ways that businesses can effect real connection amongst people as well as create or maximize efficient and effective systems. I’m always fascinated when, with the seemingly smallest change in a company, there would be less customer service calls, certainly less frustrated customers, and customers having a higher positive perception of an organization, whether it’s product or service-based.  Sometimes these ways are as simple as connecting people and/or organizations who have shared interests, other times the situation is calling for an overhaul of an existing system or the creation of a new system. Do you want customers who feel resigned about using your company or customers who feel good about your company?


Developing new programs addressing far-reaching issues ranging from:

  • NVC for mainstream corporations and organizations ~ A training program targeted for higher profile individuals and corporations to enhance how they connect and communicate with others; thus, triggering a “trickle-down” effect throughout the organizations they are involved with as well as those within their social influence
  • “Conscious Collection” ~ Program designed for US-based corporations and organizations to approach collections in empowering way which increases connection, minimizes costs, enhances the business relationship resulting in a higher collection rate

Projects I’ve initiated and/or participated in:

  • Coming soon!

In a seminar I participated in that he offers, Robert Fritz once described me as “creativity on steroids”.  I took this as a high high compliment, given what he has achieved in life; and it was quite surprising and exciting for me as I never thought of myself as creative until I got ill in 1990.  I had been told for years by some of the greatest minds in advertising that I was creative. I just never saw it (I’m neither a copywriter nor art director, was a “suit” at the time) until a specific personal project I worked on.

Nowadays, if I have an idea and my gut instinct is guiding me to share the idea, I do.  I often send letters to presidents of companies as well as emails to organizations.  In some cases, I can see the impact of my suggestions; rarely do I receive a “thank you” but that’s fine as that’s not why I share the ideas I have, as I do.

Here’s some of my ideas and the outcome as I know it (some ideas I have not shared due to the private nature of the information and to respect the privacy of individuals):

  • Please Note: I will attempt to keep this section up-to-date but I often make suggestions on a weekly basis, as I come across situations that could be more effective and/or more efficient
  • 29 November 2016:  Sent a certified letter to the CEO of QVC sharing my experience when I forgot to change the credit card on file when USAA switched providers from Mastercard to VISA; made suggestions regarding their procedures since for 3 months I never received a notice that the card wasn’t working and I assumed it was all fine which is why I use systems such as auto-pay and easy-pay … for the seeming ease to me
    • Outcome:  I was told that they would be reviewing their internal procedures
  • 25 November 2016:  Email sent to the Jill Stein campaign with some suggestions on how they might change what they were saying (at the time) about the recount initiative
    • Outcome:  While I received no direct acknowledgment, I did notice that some of my suggestions seemed to impact an edit that was made a couple of days later