Working With Me

Here’s the language on my formal printed resume:

Intuitive leader who is a self-starter and inspired to get the job done. Innovative thinker with superior communication skills; excellent presenter. Developing empathic presence.

Bridge builder and team player with a commitment to honest, straight-forward yet diplomatic communications. With a breadth and depth of experience and interests, is a fast learner in any new situation and quickly integrates existing experience. Innate integrity insures objective P.O.V. Ability to think in schematics lends itself to strong conceptual organizational skills. Logistics specialist. Strategically defined focus produces results.

“What box?” creator.

Sounds great. What does that really mean?  Let’s start with some basics.  I’m self-aware to an advanced level and have a clear grasp of my strengths and where I might trip myself up. I’m rarely triggered by ego-related issues, even on an unconscious level. If I am, I utilize self-work and my own coaching support to shift through.

I’m direct, smart, creative, intuitive, and I have a wide range of training, education, and experience.  Using both parts of my brain, I tend to work dynamically, equally proficient approaching projects in a linear, structured fashion as well as a more organic, creative fashion.  I’m both skilled in developing long-term goals and programs as well as developing the logistical parts of any program. I’m detail-oriented AND see the “big picture”.

I work well alone and with teams. My ego is checked at the door, and the focus is on the defined objectives of the program. I have an expansive memory and network. If I don’t know the answer to something, I will bring in the appropriate person(s) for the best solution. I’m comfortable with a changing project scope as well as refining a program after execution, as part of the development process.

I enjoy working with people to bring a vision to life.  I make sure that the development process is fluid and enjoyable, as much as the people involved will allow with their own issues.

Appearances don’t mean what they used to to me; I’m into being direct and valuing content and substance over lots of shiny stuff to distract people from the core issues. So, if we need to talk and I just got done rollerblading, I’m going to look like I just got done rollerblading.  It’s important to me that I share this as I value clarity, and if someone wants to only work with people who “look good” or dress the part, then I am not that person, as to me it also speaks to a bigger issue. No biggie; to me, it’s just a sign that we’re not likely to work together. Now, if you enjoy looking spiff or your job requires it, awesome. I certainly don’t care if you’re all spiffed up or are dressed as if you’re hanging out at home.

What matters is we share a similar vision, and find the other person(s) compatible to work with.

I work from home, which I share with my dogs. I also have a relationship with an injured wild Canada Goose (nicknamed “Bubala”) who comes to visit on a very irregular basis. As much as I attempt to work around them, at times, they can make themselves part of the creation and/or discussion process. To me, they’re just teachers.

What’s most important about this and why I mention it is this … it reminds me that there are many things important in life. More often than not, when the dogs need attention, it’s the Universe reminding me to take a breather. If I find I’m getting annoyed, then it’s a perfect sign for me to look inward and find out what’s really going on.  Plus, it’s a great opportunity to whoever I might be speaking to, to look at the same.

Based on my extensive experience and training, I could work in various different capacities but nowadays what I’m really most excited and inspired about creating with others are those things I’m passionate about as well as:

  • Please note: Some of the language below might sound “packaged” or in “marketing-ese” … it’s not
    • It’s the easiest, clear way I’ve found to express the oft-unique ways I have at looking at traditional and familiar ways of approaching life and business
  • I’m currently on a self-directed project,, in the network marketing field
    • Check it out! If nothing else, it will provide further insights into how I think and create, and may just inspire you to join the team I’m co-creating
  • Developing programs which identify people’s core needs and addresses them in a way which will make a difference to people
    • This may involve some of the following for the individuals involved
  • Working with anyone who is actively seeking to change their life perspective and is willing to put in the effort and resources to do so
    • The individual realizes that very likely this will change their life in a major way and even if a bit nervous about this, is looking forward to it
  • Guiding someone wants to learn how to enjoy what they’re doing even if the responsibilities they have could seem overwhelming and/or may have far-reaching consequences such as affecting thousands of jobs, or health care benefits for others, etc.
    • Life can be serious but do you really want to be creating from a place of fear, limitation, and/or worry about others will think if you no longer are willing to follow the status quo?
    • Me … I prefer to create from a place of excitement and energy as I find I bring that to whatever I’m working on
  • Creating with high visibility people and organizations who want to make a difference in the lives of many others, are realizing that we need to expand how we’re looking at the situation(s), and are ready to stand up for and fight to address these, even if it may mean “bucking the system” and “changing the way things have always been done”
  • As part of this, or just as its own intention, the individual realizes that this means that they likely need to turn inward and take a big, hard look … and that their life and way of living may change as a result

Sound intriguing? Sounds as if I could benefit you and/or your organization?  Send me a message below. I’m happy to speak and go from there. It may be that we’re not a fit, yet I have many connections and can often suggest a few others to speak with.  I don’t check email on my phone; so if you really need to get a hold of me NOW, please call my web-based phone number (650/276-0735); it will roll to my cell, as needed.  It’s a Northern California number as that’s one of my favorite places in the world although I’m usually on East Coast time.