I am still learning.
~  Michelangelo

I love learning, and I love teaching.  I often get asked if I’m a teacher.  I also whole-heartedly believe in the adage, “We teach most what we need to learn.”  Perhaps that is why I love helping others learn; because I enjoy learning so much.

I’m also fortunate in the range of training beyond my formal education.  While, to some, my training may seem unrelated, it’s all led to the person I am today and more importantly, the range and depth of services I can offer to help you and/or your company/organization.

I’m an avid student of life and as my interests have evolved, as I could I’ve consciously and actively expanded the range of trainings I’ve participated with:

Non-violent Communication, Restorative Justice, and Dynamic Self-Governance

The LIFE Program (Robert Gonzales); Portland, OR: February 2012 to August 2013
Compassionate Leadership (team of five trainers); San Fernando, CA: March 2012 to November 2012
Financial Freedom (Jim and Jori Manske); Virginia: November 2011
Scarcity or Abundance (Jim and Jori Manske); Virginia: November 2011
The Heart of Relationships (Jim and Jori Manske); Nashville, TN: October 2011
The Power of Deep Listening (Jeff Brown); Columbus, OH: October 2011
Restorative Circles (Duke Duchscherer); Sarasota, FL: September 2011
Living Compassion (Robert Gonzales); Columbus, OH: August 2011
Creating Extraordinary Relationships (Jeff Brown); Nashvile, TN: August 2011
Mediating Conflict for Yourself and Others (John Kinyon and Ike Lasater); Calistoga, CA: October 2010 to October 2011
Creating Workplaces Where People Thrive (Gregg Kendrick); 8-day workshop, Virginia: March 2010
NVC (Non-violent Communication) Academy (online):

The Art and Science of Happiness with Jim and Jori Manske: June to July 2012
Embracing Your Emotions: Honoring the Wisdom of BIG Emotions: June 2011
Feedback without Criticism (free class): October 5, 2011
Forming and Facilitating Self Responsible Practice Groups (free class): September 2010
Circle Meeting Facilitation: August to October 2010
A Leaderful Life: Integrating NVC into all levels of Your Life: April to December 2010
Living the Fullness of Life: March to October 2010
Making Collaboration Real: Connection and Effectiveness in the Workplace: February to April 2010
Embracing Empathy: In-depth practice for getting empathy into your bones: November 2009
Nonviolent Communication CIRCLE OF LIFE (free download): September 2009 to May 2010
NVC Basics: An Ongoing Program for Learning NVC Principles (free download): September 2009 to May 2010
An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication (free download): September 2009
Effective E-mail (free download): September 2009
NVC Academy Practice Group (free download): September 2009
Foundations of NVC (free download): September 2009

HandsOn Network: Jacksonville, Florida

Roles and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards: August 2009
Volunteer Management Training Series/ Certified by the State of Florida: September 2009

Robert Fritz, Inc.

Creating Your Life: 3-day workshop: October 2008
Fundamentals of Structural Thinking, 4-day workshop: November 2008

Various disaster response-related trainings

Red Rover (formerly United Animal Nations): July 2007
American Humane Association: September 2007
ICS 700/FEMA: June, 2006

Various animal and animal welfare business-related trainings

Best Friends Dog Behavior and Handling Workshops: August 2006
How to Start and Run an Animal Sanctuary: April 2006

Energy “Healing” Modalities

Facilitator Retreat; Metamora, MI: October 2015
Trinity Energy Progression™ Facilitator Training:

Mt. Shasta, CA; July 2016 (participated as an Assistant)
Mt. Shasta, CA; July 2015

Trinity Energy Progression™ Practitioner Training;

Holly Springs, NC: September 2014 (participated as an Assistant)
Morris Plains, NJ: June 2014 (participated as an Assistant)
Wilmington, NC: April 2014

Access Consciousness; Access Bars®; San Jose, CA: May 2012
Hands of Light® Workshop; Barbara Brennan School of Healing®; Los Gatos, CA: April 2012

The Landmark Forum; Los Angeles, CA; 2008